The Truth... What is it?

Topical Index of Miraculous Christian Testimonies

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abortion cases/doctors

actors/ actresses


always Christians

amazing conversions


attempted suicide


back from death

bad girls

baseball players & coaches

basketball players & coaches

birth (major) defects

BMX sports


breast cancer & survivors

Buddhist converts

business owners and/or major business players

cancer cured


Catholic converts

charitable founders

child died

church events/ productions

Christian colleges

Christian families

Christian publications

Christian testimony links

Christian TV and radio

chronic fatigue syndrome cured

civil rights leaders

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. 




concentration camp survivors

country music singers/writers

criminals/mafioso, former

cystic fibrosis


delivered from the demonic

defenders of the truth

  • Dinesh D'Souza, immigrant to USA from India & advocate for the unique idea of America.


drug addicts


ex Hell's angels and/or bikers

ex jailbirds

famous business persons

famous Christians

  • William M. Branham 
  • Maria B. Woodworth- Etter 
  • Madam Guyon 
  • Mahalia Jackson 
  • Kathryn Kuhlman 
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. 
  • Samuel Morris 
  • William Joseph Seymour 
  • Ethel Waters   

fashion models


  • Jay Yelas 


  famous media, journalists & investigative reporters

  famous scientists

  football players & coaches

  former atheists (some set out to disprove God and/or Jesus)

  former gang members


  gave all to others


  gospel singers & writers

  grew up "dirt poor"


  high officials

  homosexuals (LGBT) changed

  Hound of Heaven (dragged in by Him)

  hurricane survivors

  in coma 

  in the mob



  Jewish converts


"ladders of opportunity" (defined) beneficiaries (a few examples among millions)...many have written books about their journeys.

  • Condoleezza Rice, a racial segregation days black female growing up in Alabama with intact family & becomes USA Secretary of State.
  • Frederick Douglass, famous former slave; about "ladders"
  • Col. Phillip R. Pittman, son of poor black Mississippi sharecroper is Harvard grad. high in USA military
  • Dr. Ben Carson, poor black man becomes world famous child brain surgeon and 2016 candidate for president of the USA
  • Rory Feek, white boy from trailer park to famous country Gosple music writer
  • Broderick Stephen "Steve" Harvey, famous black TV show host was homeless at one time; a Christian.
  • Phillip Calvin McGraw, "Dr. Phil"; famous white TV psychologist raised by alcoholic father & was homeless at one time (says this often on his shows & you can hear in You Tube clips). Christian.
  • Leland Melvin, black man in intact family explodes his boyhood chemistry set & ends up an astronaut.
  • John C. Morgan, white man works for father & Christian roots direct him to be an amazing George Bush impersonator! 
  • Carl Mully, Kenyan street orphan at age 6...the 2017 movie, "Mully".
  • Tyler Perry, black New Orleans son of a carpenter who beat the hell out of him becomes famous actor & movie maker.
  • Don Shaffer, white orphan = from poverty to well-off home-builder contractor: The Boy From Maud
  • Thomas Sowell, famous black author & commentator who did not initially finish high school
  • Johnnie "Mac" Walters, from poor white S. C. sharecropper family to USA IRS Commissioner who stood up to President Nixon when Nixon wanted bad things done to opponents ("Mac" was my ophthalmologist's father).


  martial arts fighters (MMA/UFC)




  modern martyrs

  Mormon converts

  • Geoff & Amy Roberts  

motivational speakers

  • Zig Ziggler 


  Muslim converts and/or warning of dangers

  newspaper columnists/ reporters


  odd spiritual (?) "leadings"

  Olympic athletes 

  organ donors


  other Christian singers

  other famous people

  other personal testimonies

  pageant winners

parent died when they were a child

  pastors/ preachers/ priests

  politicians/ politics

  porn stars; & see XXX church

  prisoners/ prison ministries 

  prisoner of murderer or criminal

  prisoners of war

  professional surfers

  • Bethany Hamilton  





race-car drivers

rap singers

  • M.C. Hammer  

rebellious youth

rock singers


satanic worshipers

saved from danger

school shootings

Scientists (a massive list at Wikipedia, HERE)

set out to prove Christianity a fraud

sexual abuse

sexual addicts

shark attacks

  • Bethany Hamilton  


single parent

slaves/ slavery

sports coaches/teams

spouse died

spouse died of AIDS

stroke survival

struck by lightening

suffers/ suffered from disease

suicide contemplation and/or attempts

tennis players

terror heroes


triumphed over cerebral palsy

truck drivers

TV & movie stars

TV news anchors/reporters

USA military service men/women

USA Presidents

vegetative state or coma & woke up

war heroes

war time pilots

war victims

when God protects

witchcraft & demonic converts

wrongly imprisoned

wrote hymns