The Truth... What is it?

Basics of The Way

It is biblical that, after the fall of mankind from God's grace, Satan would be the god (ruler) of This World (2 Corinthians 4:4). Satan rules by keeping mankind in a state of sinful living rather than righteous (right-relationship) living. No human is a match for Satan and his powerful influences tugging persistently away at the defective human nature of every human. There is a quiet, mighty battle always going on for the control of a person's mind. It has been said that heaven and earth intersect in a person's mind. The mind is the focus of the attractions of both heaven and earth. So, through Jesus the Christ (Messiah) of Nazareth, God provided salvation and The Way of Jesus to live. Through family, neighbors, or various media, a person must hear of Jesus (note this amazing effort, HERE).

  1. Jesus died to pay the price for all mankind for eternal (here and afterlife) salvation.
  2. Even the strongest "man" (human) is no equal adversary to Satan and his influences.
  3. Real & true belief in Jesus as Savior brings the immediate internal indwelling of God's Holy Spirit (spiritual baptism) forever (you are now divinely indwelt by a worthy adversary to Satanic influences). For our earthly period of existence, a life may be condemned to Hell on earth without the person even knowing it. By unknowingly settling into sin, such a person has become slowly and unknowingly comfortable with Satan (& often relatively undisturbed by Satan). Yet, unhappy and turbulent lives show that these folks are unable to truly practice right relationships. Well-intentioned folks may demand customs or even laws for "politically correct" behavior in the hopes of society having better interpersonal relationships. Those legalistic routes inevitably run afoul of the innate nasty side of human nature!
  4. That indwelling Holy Spirit is the believer's great advantage for his/her time on this earth. The Holy Spirit indwelling is a Power the believer can learn to call on in order to learn to ACTUALLY have truly "right" relationships (right living...righteous living)! More right relationships set the stage for better functioning groups which can/could then multiply into better functioning communities and entire societies.
  5. This true belief also results in Jesus being your friend who sticks closer than a brother to his brother! That is, Jesus is both WITH you (your constant companion) and WITHIN you (as the Holy Spirit through the mystery of the Holy Trinity [the "3 in one" = God the Father; Jesus the Son; and the Holy Spirit]). Just think of that! There can never be another companion as devoted to you as Jesus is!

Indwelt by the Holy Spirit:

The Jesus follower/believer/disciple/representative/Christian, Holy Spirit indwelt,  gets the basis for the following huge potential advantages in life on earth:

  1. is granted freedom on earth from sin's power: has the potential to resist sin.
  2. is instantly united on earth with the savior, Jesus: the believer is "in Christ".
  3. instantly becomes on earth a "part of God's family", cloaked personally in the righteousness of Jesus.
  4. instantly becomes an earthly member of the Kingdom of Light (in the Kingdom of God), ruled by Jesus (the kingdom of darkness is ruled by Satan and includes all humans who are not Holy Spirit indwelt).
  5. instantly begins on earth the divine process of being sanctified (becoming Jesus-like).
  6. is instantly positioned to begin to transform into a person relating to God and to man in right relationships!

BUT: As with all situations having "potential", actual change for good...change for the usually retarded by a lack of willingness to change. You must be (1) willing to change and (2) then resolve to change (3) by regularly calling on God's help to change! 

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(posted 5 December 2001; latest update 24 September 2015)