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Family Tree

  • Names & characteristics of  The Generations in the USA.
  • the various Shaw family lines in South Carolina, HERE.
  • ***Master File Family Tree Data: all of the below lines & much more, including a master index of over 10,000 Sumter, S. C. and other names in my computer file [as of 6 September2002]. I have discontinued this file for now (as of 2 Aug. 2016). Here was the introduction page on that web site:

    Our Shaw Scotch-Irish heritage has been tremendously influenced by our ancestors' dedication to the cause of being disciples of, and spreading the Gospel of, Jesus of Nazareth, the only begotten son of the God of Abraham (see the coming to America story I've posted at

    I've been motivated and enabled to launch this web site and family tree resource in the sole, bottom-line hope that any visitor might somehow note Jesus elsewhere on the Coming to America website page above and be willing to seek more about Him (the rest of my site has a lot of Christian information).
  • Because of concerns over identity theft, this genealogy website has been made "private" for those still living & does not contain my entire collection of info on each of the over 15,000 names (as of 10/24/05). I am especially eager to add in all Shaw families with a South Carolina reflected on this page However you got to this genealogy web site page, I hope you will check out this message & the site index from the home page and note the religious topics and check them out.
    May God bless you! Ervin Shaw, M. D.

  • 40+ page story of immigration to South Carolina in 1700's and what life was like from here.
  • Amick, Lexington Co., S.C., since 1752
  • Brown, Greenville, S.C. since 1800's
  • Brown, Sumter, S. C. on Bob Brown, III's website.
  • Brown, Sumter Co., S.C. since 1700's
  • Buff, Lexington Co., S.C. (one link) since 1700's
  • Caughman, Lexington Co., S.C., since 1752
  • Drafts, Lexington Co., S.C., since 1743
  • Kolb, Sumter Co., S.C., since 1800's
  • Kendrick, Columbia, S.C., since 1800's
  • Ladner, L'Adner, Ladnier, USA Gulf Coast since 1719
  • Lindler, Lexington Co., S.C., since 1752
  • Montgomery and other Lee Co. names on Nate Maas' website.
  • Pringle, Sumter Co., S.C., since 1700's
  • Rambert or Rembert, Sumter Co., S.C., since late 1600's
    Jim Rickenbacker's website [here]
  • Shaw, Sumter Co., S.C., since 1772, including a link to my 20+ page file story about this Scotch-Irish family coming to America (and some other topics). John Shaw the immigrant memorial, HERE.
  • Shaw (other lines) in S.C. since 1700's.
  • Vernoy or Vernooy, USA since 1664
  • Wessinger, Lexington/Newberry Co.'s, S.C. since 1752
  • Williamson, Darlington/Sumter Co., S.C., since 1740's
  • Wilson and others from The Mt. Zion Presbyterian Ch., St Charles community, Lee Co., S. C. Nate Maas' website on RootsWeb.
  • Witherspoon...Nate Maas has extracted the genealogy from the Wardlaw book on the Witherspoon family & has it in his database.
  • Ted Hughes'  webfile of over 75,000 people...particularly the Singleton family...including many other families from Sumter, S. C. area.
    Their Family Page
  • The Hodge family file. It has much Hodge and related info on families of Sumter, S. C. area.
  • Andrina Womack's file. Some Sumter, S. C. area names.
  • Find a Grave web site (world-wide)


My genealogy collection effort was started in 1966.

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