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The great Christian role model, George Müller, wrote, "The beginning of anxiety is the end of
faith ["faith" defined], and the beginning of true faith [in THE TRUTH] is the end of anxiety." My personal experience has been that my faith waxes and wanes in its strength. But as my decision to have faith and determination to exercise faith become more & more determined, I become more and more informed about faith through reading, listening and hearing, and even experiencing the faith. Therefore, I look forward to getting solidly into Dr. Stanley's second stage (being even in the first stage from 1991-2013 has been wonderful).

Dr. Charles Stanley taught (I saw it on his web site in about 2006) of the stages of faith and carried this helpful outline on his web site.

Three stages of faith:

  • Little faith ("restless" faith)
     "I know He can, but I'm not sure He will."
  • Great faith ("reaching" faith)
     "I know He can, and I know He will!"
  • Perfect faith ("resting" faith)
     "It's done!"

Examples of the three stages in Abraham's life:

  • Little faith: Genesis 17: 15-17
  • Great faith: Genesis 18:9-15......21:1-3
  • Perfect faith: Genesis 22:3-8

Note that FAITH has been found to have an impact on personal health!

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(posted 2 November 1998; last updated 9 April 2006; latest addition 28 December 2013)