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Betty's Chicken Salad

This salad is oustanding, and can be used as a salad or for sandwiches. Betty Drafts Shaw usually makes it using a 12.5 oz can of chicken breast. Or, you can use the meat from one cooked, large chicken breast.

  • Meat taste: the above chicken.
  • Additional liquid: none.
  • Bread: none.
  • Taste enhancer #1: sharp shredded cheddar chhees (about 1/4 cup).
  • Taste enhancer #2: favorite medium hot sauce (Srirachi hot chili sauce...a couple of medium-sized taste).
  • Taste enhancer #3: lemon juice (about a teaspoon full).
  • Taste enhancer #4: white balsamic glaze (about a teaspoon).
  • Taste enhancer #5: Grey Poupon mustard (about a half teaspoon).
  • Taste enhancer #6: white balsamic vinegar (about a cap full).
  • Taste enhancer #7: onion salt (about a pinch or two).
  • Taste enhancer #8: celery salt (about a pinch or two).
  • Taste enhancer #9: coarse-ground pepper (about a pinch or two).
  • Taste enhancer #10: salt to taste.
  • Texture/taste enhancer #1: slivered almonds (about a tablespoon full).
  • Texture/taste enhancer #2: sunflower seeds (about a tablespoon full).
  • Texture/taste enhancer #3: dried cranberries (about a tablespoon full).
  • Texture/taste enhancer #4: diced, packaged pineapple (about a half cup).
  • Oil/grease/lipid/fat: Dukes mayonnaise (about two heaping tablespoons).
  • Oil/grease/lipid/fat: bought sour cream (about two heaping tablespoons).
  • Thickener: none.

 PROCESS: Using a 1 to 2 quart bowl, combine all of the above ingredients & hand stir with spoon. The next step is THE MOST IMPORTANT: then taste. Add any more of the above ingredients and restir and retaste until you just LOVE the taste. Then serve as (1) salad, (2) in sandwiches, (3) or on saltine crackers as a snack. ENJOY!!!

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(posted 11 November 2017)