Old Timey Dutch Fork Liver Nips

This recipe was common in the old families of Lexington County, S. C.; and you will not find these being cooked anywhere else in the USA! That county was originally populated with Swiss Germans in the 1700s. Americans will rarely if ever find liver nips on a menu anywhere else than the "Dutch Fork" counties in central South Carolina. Liver nips are flour based, dropped, liver stuffed dumplings. Among those who are in the know, the real test is to be able to cook them so that they are not "tight". A greater proportion of flour than other contents makes the dumplings "tight"; less proportion of flour makes non-tight dumplings.


PREPARATION: You will make dumplings ("nips") and drop them into the boiling broth.

COMMENTS: In old Lexington County, S. C., liver nips were a great companion to "mixed bread" (bread made with a mix of flour and grits). You may be able to get liver nips on certain days of the week (usually during winter months) at Shealy's In Leesville, S. C., The Farmer's Shed west of the town of Lexington, S. C., and The Backporch in Prosperity (in Newberry County), S. C.

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[posted 15 February 2015; adjusted 1 December 2015]